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Level: Intermediate – CEFR B2 Base language: English Use: On and offline – print/study/practise English Out There self study courses are a set of modern English courses incorporating social interaction with fluent and native English speakers. The courses are designed to give students opportunities for real practice of pre-taught target language— online (in non-English speaking countries) and in the real world (in English-speaking countries) with fluent or native English speakers. The easy-to-use self-study lesson plans and worksheets guide learners through a process of noticing, teaching, drilling, manipulating, forming questions, and getting comfortable and confident enough to speak to someone using the target language naturally in a personalised and very memorable way. The materials inspire students, boost their confidence, and maintain their motivation levels. English Out There lessons carefully prepare students before they go online to speak to their practice partners using the language they have learned. What You Get • An English course supported by the latest research into language learning designed to help you improve your English through using it in a structured and focused way during social interaction with over 60 hours of study and focused real practice. • Use online social media tools to quickly build your own Personal Learning Network (PLN or group of native and fluent practice partners) • High quality MP3s for listening practice • Integrated and easy to follow instructions in every course Language You Will Learn Aim - topic - Language focus 1 My city - Recommending activities in a city 2 Sports - To talk about likes and dislikes in a sporting context - Sports vocabulary 3 Manners - Giving opinions and idioms 4 Technology and possibilities - Modals of probability, possibility & certainty 5 Shopping - Shopping vocabulary, comparatives / superlatives 6 The past of a town -Past simple passive 7 Magazines and Newspapers - Present Perfect, Past Simple and vocabulary relating to reading 8 Journals/informal phrases - To make your language more modern/natural - Informal phrases, past simple /past continuous 9 Travel advice - Modals, expressing various degrees of obligation & advice 10 What we consider beauty - Adjectives to describe appearance 11 Lies - Should have + pp, I wish had + pp formal/informal 12 Jobs - Vocabulary relating to jobs, skills etc. 13 Weather – how does it affect you? - Weather vocabulary, expressing emotions 14 What had happened? - To tell stories, using past tenses - Past perfect versus past simple 15 Music - Adjectives to describe music 16 Food - Food, preparation and ways of cooking 17 Lottery - 2nd conditional 18 Queuing - Vocabulary relating to cultural differences 19 Health - Vocabulary relating to health problems, remedies & advice 20 Sleep & Dreams - Connectors, vocabulary relating to dreams Other Notes Is This Level Right for You? You should be able to use language to explain or describe things like your job, hobbies or accommodation, with more than single nouns and one or two adjectives. A lack of language to discuss situations of daily life, to make or describe future plans, and to agree and disagree politely, or the use of simple sentences without relative clauses or ‘should, would, could’ modal verbs when necessary, also indicate that you should buy the Intermediate course. Use with: social media tools, SS4 audio MP3s


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