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Level: Pre-intermediate – CEFR B1 Base languages: English Use: On and offline – print/study/practise English Out There self study courses are a set of modern English courses incorporating social interaction with fluent and native English speakers. The courses are designed to give students opportunities for real practice of pre-taught target language— online (in non-English speaking countries) and in the real world (in English-speaking countries) with fluent or native English speakers. The easy-to-use self-study lesson plans and worksheets guide learners through a process of noticing, teaching, drilling, manipulating, forming questions, and getting comfortable and confident enough to speak to someone using the target language naturally in a personalised and very memorable way. The materials inspire students, boost their confidence, and maintain their motivation levels. English Out There lessons carefully prepare students before they go online to speak to their practice partners using the language they have learned. What You Get • An English course based upon the latest research into language learning designed to help you improve your English through using it in a structured and focused way during social interaction with over 60 hours of study and focused real practice. • Use online social media tools to quickly build your own Personal Learning Network (PLN or group of native and fluent practice partners) • Integrated and easy to follow instructions in every course Language You Will Learn Aim - topic - Language focus 1 Living in another country - Asking where someone is from, living abroad 2 Eating with friends - Vocabulary relating to cooking, food & drinks, recommending 3 Making Plans - Will – going to – Present Continuous for plans 4 Describing objects - To use as + noun / to + verb / for +ing, adjective order 5 Expressing feelings - Verbs + -ing/infinitive, adjectives of feeling 6 National Stereotypes - To like/ to be like/ to look like 7 Achievements in life - Present Perfect 8 Fitness - Adverbs of frequency, time expressions & fitness vocabulary. 9 Fashions and style - Vocabulary relating to clothes and style. Adjective order 10 The things we have to do - Must - have to 11 Comparing families - Comparatives, have got, possessives, family vocabulary 12 Life in the Past - Past simple and continuous, used to 13 School days - Vocabulary relating to schooling system and revision of past tenses 14 Sports - Sports vocabulary 15 Job satisfaction - Vocabulary relating to jobs & working conditions 16 If you come to London… - 1st conditional 17 Cinema - Vocabulary relating to cinema 18 Imaginary situations - 2nd conditional – help you explain what you would do 19 Inventions - Passive voice 20 Problems - Revision of Present Perfect, vocabulary relating to problems Other Notes Is This Level Right for You? In order for this level to be right for you, you should be able to respond to questions about your life outside of where you live and your work/home with more than one word. You should also be able to express feelings or attitudes and answer a question on directions (e.g. was it easy to find the file? How did you get it?). If you are not able to cope with the above or with giving simple opinions, explanations, or making suggestions, Pre-Intermediate is the course to buy. Use with: social media tools


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